The sisters Astrid Lang and Ingrid Lang founded the duo Shockwave Riders in 2001.

The joining of the two multi-instrumentalists and exceptional singers brought forth a very fruitful cooperation and they turned more and more towards a rather avant-garde kind of folk music.

The superb harmony singing, the delicate and refined arrangements with the perfect blend of guitar and keyboards created a world of sound sometimes powerful, sometimes lyrical and elegiac. With their dinstinctive symbiosis of folky songwriting and modern sound worlds they aroused - so the Folkworld - “abstract pictures of wild beauty and noble elegance".

Subsequently they released 5 CDs which received excellent reviews. Extensive airplay and concerts in Germany, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Switzerland followed.

From 2009 - inspired by the travelling they did on tour - the Shockwave Riders took a growing interest with the european folk music tradition and its roots, that partially reach far back. The beauty of the songs they got acquainted with on the journeys through Europe deeply impressed the sisters who have always had a penchant for beautiful melodies. The wish to incorporate these wonderful pieces of folk music into their repertoire was born.

With „Music from the edges of Europe“ they present the essence of this musical journey of discovery: traditional highlights of the european folk music tradition - from Galicia (Spain), France, Macedonia and many other countries - blended perfectly with new own songs to a shimmering musical cosmos.
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