Keyboards, guitar and the two immensely expressive voices of the sisters Astrid Lang and Ingrid Lang create deeply emotional music, that spirits the listener away into shimmering parallel worlds between noisy walls of sound and folky elegance.

With their dinstinctive symbiosis of folky songwriting and modern sound worlds they arouse - so the Folkworld - “abstract pictures of wild beauty and noble elegance" that “carry the listener off into a whole new world”. And Querblatt enthuses about the "vocal power of the Munich sirens” and calls them "voices of yearning - intoxicatingly beautiful”.
On this background it is not surprising that their music also received acclaim from beyond the folk community from the very start.
“The compositions are of sublime beauty", the Ambos-Mag enthuses, the Frankenpost stated, their music to be "like a movie full of elegant carpets of sound“ and Querblatt went as far as to say "maybe it is a consolation to know, that this wonderful music will still exist, when we are long gone and forgotten".

The SHOCKWAVE RIDERS sing of love and betrayal, of hope and desparation, of the greed for money and fame, and of great deeds done silently, where no one applauds. And they sing of the yearning for a world afar, where all humans are one. Because songs are legends and we need them, so that the soul can live on.

With hundreds of national and international concerts the SHOCKWAVE RIDERS have taken their audience arround the world and to the stars.

Their new live programme offers the best of the past 5 CD releases and many brand new and yet unheard songs.

Astrid Lang: vocals, guitars, flatback bouzouki, guitar bass
Ingrid Lang: vocals, accordion, piano / keyboards, darbuka, davul, percussion

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