Two great voices
Astrid Lang and Ingrid Lang are gifted with great and truly exceptional voices. Far surpassing their virtuosic singing is the sheer beauty and great emotional expressiveness of their voices.
Each with its unique individual distinctive timbre - the sisters’ voices melt into each other in the harmony vocals as if they were one.
So the Folkworld says about them that they „have superb singing voices and use them passionately and emotionally” and Querblatt enthuses about the "vocal power of the Munich sirens” and calls them "voices of yearning - intoxicatingly beautiful”.
The journey begins
For some years they stood for a rather progressive kind of folk music. With their dinstinctive symbiosis of folky songwriting and modern sound worlds they aroused - so the Folkworld - “abstract pictures of wild beauty and noble elegance".
Their powerfully expressive voices, keyboards and guitar created deeply emotional music and - so the Folkworld - “carry the listener off into a whole new world”.
On this background it is not surprising that their music also received acclaim from beyond the folk community from the very start.
“The compositions are of sublime beauty", the Ambos-Mag enthuses, the Frankenpost stated, their music to be "like a movie full of elegant carpets of sound“ and Querblatt went as far as to say "maybe it is a consolation to know, that this wonderful music will still exist, when we are long gone and forgotten".
The journey continues
After 5 CD-releases and hundreds of national and international concerts the Shockwave Riders have begun to focus more strongly on the European folk music tradition from countries such as Galicia and Catalonia (Spain), France and Macedonia. The beauty of the songs they became acquainted with on their many journeys aroused in them the wish, to incorporate these beautiful pieces of folk music into their repertoire. This also created the opportunity to integrate their further instruments like flutes, accordion, mandola (irish bouzouki) and percussion into their live programme.
Music from the edges of Europe
Their interpretations of folk traditionals bear their very own mark: the perfect harmony vocals, the arcs of tension in the brilliant arrangements give the pieces their typical profoundness and elegance.
Varying instrumentation give every song ist very own musical colour and create fascinating musical variety.
These traditionals blend perfectly with many new own songs to a infectious and exciting musical journey - a homage to life and the flowering European folk music tradition.
Astrid Lang: vocals, guitar, mandola (irish bouzouki), percussion
Ingrid Lang: vocals, flutes, accordion, piano / keyboards, darbuka, davul, percussion
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